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Our Committees 

WIB has 5 committees: External, Finance, Internal, Marketing and PDP



Interested in becoming a Member ? Applications are open in fall and spring. 

External Committee

The External committee focuses on bolstering active outreach by establishing  relationships with external and corporate partners, and on campus organizations. There are many opportunities for members to learn, including:

  •   Planning and organizing annual business conference, organizing speaker events  and alumni panels 

  •  Facilitating networking opportunities, alumni and other student organizations 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for maintaining WIB's budgeting, raising money through fundraisers and catering to professional benefits of the club. It provides its members hands on learning opportunities, including:

  • Setting sales goals and budgets for WIB internal and external events

  • Planning and executing fundraisers to improve sales and maximize profits 

  • Organizing philanthropic opportunities to engage with the community 



Internal Committee

The Internal committee is responsible for building rapport within the WIB community. The committee provides learning opportunities to its members through a variety of experiences, including:

  • Planning and organizing events, officer coffee dates, WIB dates and socials

  • Communicate and engage with event attendees



Marketing Committee

The WIB marketing committee is responsible for building WIB’s Brand by maintaining a strong online presence through social media channels, and the WIB website. Members have an array of learning opportunities, including:

  • Designing WIB’s social media posts and authoring content on WIB website

  • Creating marketing materials including online, print and in apparel marketing

  • Designing giveaways for WIB internal events


The PDP committee aims to enhance the professional and personal growth of WIB members by providing both educational opportunities and resources for WIB members.

  • Planning and organizing professional development opportunities such as resume-building workshops, opportunities on campus

  • Tracking the development progress of each member and providing the necessary support

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