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Committee Member

What are committees?

WIB has 6 committees: External, Finance, DEI, Internal, Marketing and PDP. Each committee is in charge of planning events and leading initiatives to support the personal and professional growth of WIB members.

Why become a committee member?

Being a committee member is a great opportunity to explore different fields of interest within business, gain hands-on experience by leading projects, and mentorship from committee execs. 

How can I become a committee member?

Applications open 2 times during the school year: the middle of Fall quarter and the end of Spring quarter. You can apply to as many committees you are interested but can only serve on one if chosen. Only active members may apply and you must maintain active membership status per quarter to continue your position in the committee.

WIB Committees

*we are currently onboarding new members, so committee pictures will be updated soon!

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