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Business Education

Through our biweekly GBMs, you will be exposed to industry leaders who have come to share their stories about their successes and failures. Get a chance to network with and learn from inspiring women! 


Annual Business Conference

The WIB Annual Business Conference provides an opportunity to meet and talk with female trailblazers, executives, and entrepreneurs. The event provides an informal environment to learn from the experiences of featured panelists and provides a great opportunity for networking, participation in question and answer, and also getting involved  in the San Diego community.

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Social Events

Members are put into families aligning with their mentor, and aside from professional development families develop strong relationships that tie the organization as a whole.


Big/Little Program

The Big Little program strives to connect WIB upperclassmen with industry/field knowledge and expertise, with WIB lower classmen who may need a mentor to guide their transition. This is open to all members and an opportunity to build friendships with your Big.

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Get one-on-one mentorship with executive officers. Our officers will personally help you discover and pursue a career best aligned with your passions.

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Outreach Events

Through our community service events, you will have the chance to give back to the community, empower those around you, make positive changes, and discover the joy of helping others.

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